Pandharpur Attractions

(Pandharpur is also spelled as Pandarpur)

Vitthal Temple
A holy shrine of quite antiquity that holds Vithoba, a localized version of lord Krishna is one among the numerous devout destinations in Pandharpur. The temple is believed to be ... (more)
Rukmini Temple
Rukmini Mandir in the district of Solapur is one of the chief deities of Pandharpur. This temple dedicated to her is placed on the banks of Chandra Bhaga river and ... (more)
Pundalik Temple
Prettily placed on the majestic banks of River Chandra bagha, Pundalik Temple portrays lord Vitthal as its chief deity. Vitthal is one among the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The main ... (more)
Vishnupad Temple
The Vishnupada literally is the lord’s feet and the temple by this name situates with in the city limits. A lovely shrine on the majestic environ of the Chandrabhaga river ... (more)