Pandharpur Attractions

(Pandharpur is also spelled as Pandarpur)


Pundalik Temple

Tags: Temple, Religious

Prettily placed on the majestic banks of River Chandra bagha, Pundalik Temple portrays lord Vitthal as its chief deity. Vitthal is one among the manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The main shrine is a five-story building with a pyramidal gun spire. The statue of Jaya and Vijaya flanks Lord Vithal.

The main attraction in this square shaped temple is its portico, which has a measurement of 25’ by 17’. This portico holds the idol of lord Shiva, which is protected by a brass cover. It is a customary practice that the devotees should wash their feet in the warm water spring that flows adjacent to the temple before they embark their dharshan of the lord. One among the embarrassing allure in the temple premises is the iron boat of 3 ft by 2 ft, which floats in the river water but appears too heavy to raise with hands.

Timings in the temple is schedules between 4 AM -7 PM.