Pandharpur Attractions

(Pandharpur is also spelled as Pandarpur)


Vishnupad Temple

Tags: Temple, Religious

The Vishnupada literally is the lord’s feet and the temple by this name situates with in the city limits. A lovely shrine on the majestic environ of the Chandrabhaga river is a breath taking site that allures the onlooker with its exquisite charm and prettiness. The temple is connected to the shore by a ramp.

Constructed with stone masonry, the temple is in the shape of an open hall where sixteen pillars of stone support its flat roof. The pillar portrays images of Lord Krishna and Vishnu in their typical postures. The temple enshrines the lotus feet of the lord on rock, which are placed on a square. These rocks carries the footprints in two positions and one can also see the foot prints of a cow entrenched in it. One of the footprints shows cases the typical posture of Krishna standing on his left foot and the right foot crossed and resting on his toes. The other one depicts the lord on his both feet.

Since the temple situates in the middle of the river temple shows water level up to its floor level and in the rainy months the temple is virtually submerges with the water.