Pandharpur Attractions

(Pandharpur is also spelled as Pandarpur)


Vitthal Temple

Tags: Temple, Religious

A holy shrine of quite antiquity that holds Vithoba, a localized version of lord Krishna is one among the numerous devout destinations in Pandharpur. The temple is believed to be centuries old and the most amazing aspect in this holy shrine is the scripture that dates back to the year 1195.The devotees used to rub their back on this scripture, which is believed to absolve them from the wheel of rebirths.

The lord is seen accompanied by his consort Rukmini. The deities look truly impressive with its blackish colour and in Navarathri and Dusshera celebrations they would be clothed with new clothes everyday. The temple is open for the public for the whole day during Vari. After Vari the temple is washed with water and the deities would be fed with special meals.