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Why Solapur4u

Solapur has the growth factor which cannot be put on graph. It is so minuscule. The portal wants to bring the best of solapur to all those who are concerned ,and put it on a growth path.

The mission is to bring all people concerned with the development of Solapur for a rich prosperous and wonderful Solapur.

The vision is to see Solapur in par with the other metropolitan cities.

How do we contribute?

The portal‘s first and foremost job would to bring people bring together who wish that solapur be on the growth track.

Make visible efforts to develop entrepreneurship activities, promote Trade And commerce and make available jobs to the local youth through indigenous methods.

Remove the negative aspects of the town in terms of labor problems and to pave way for the industries to come to solapur. Provide and create conducive environment with the help of local people , government authorities.

Make efforts to promote solapur as a tourist centre by taking advantage of the spiritual centers nearby solapur as Tuljapur, Pandharpur, Akkalkot, and also promote eco tourism with places like Nanaj and Motibaug Talao Solapur.

Make efforts to make Solapur green and pollution free with concentration on Tree plantation, Conservation activities.

Encourage Tourism activities with training to people in handling Tourists.

WE believe that efforts on par will definitely bring solapur on world map.

It is already there but the presence is small. Let us make it big.

The Solapur4u Team

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Solapur 4 U

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