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Solapur as Tourism Center

Solapur can become an excellent Tourist center provided; we have the right political view, and help. It is not the endeavor of just the government helping out, It has to be with the local people also taking efforts and creating the right environment. Some of the Places which can help Solapur become a tourist centre .

Siddheshwar Temple

The Historical Siddheshwar Temple is in the midst of a lake surrounded by water. It is one of the most picturesque landmarks in solapur.

The Fort Bhuikot is one also a place to visit , which need attention from the archeological department.




The abode of Lord Vittal , Pandharpur is the Dakshin Kashi of India, located at 60 Kms from solapur . It is one of the

 most revered Deity of Maharastarians. Lakhs of people visit it during the Ashadi Ekadashi.




Amba Bhavani Mata of Tuljapur is the Goddess of the masses , One of the most revered deity , worshiped by Lakhs of people.

Tuljapur is just 40 kilometers from solapur.




 Swami Samarth maharaj of Akkalkot is one of the most worshiped Swamiji . Devotees from all over the place throng

 Akkalkot and Visit the place of samadhi.




Gangapur is in Karnataka but close to solapur.. the Datta Devasthan in Gangapur is one of the most spiritual place.


Moti Baug Lake alias Kambar Talao

The Motibaug tank alias Kambar Talao is a haven for migratory birds, thousands Of birds flock in the winter season. It was initially filed with white and pink lotuses,

ever since the SMC cleared it in the name of cleaning the tank has brought the face of the tank down. The good news is that once again there are lotuses blooming. It is a easy chair bird watching center.

Revansiddheswar Temple

One of the old mandir in solapur , the place along with the Sanctuary near by and the Motibaug can be clubbed together to make an international Bird park. It will definitely be a big tourist Attraction

Ekrukh Hipparga Talao

The Hipparga Talao has ample water year around , it was one of the Talao from where Solapur used get its water supply. It can be made a tourist center with Disneyland at its vicinity.


The Great Indian Bustard , identified first by B.S. Kulkarni way back in 1971 is the Hottest International tourist center. There is a need to develop this place with good roads and staying amenities at Nanaj.


Ramlingeshwar Mandir is situated at Ramling which is just 70 Kms to the north of solapur is one of the most picturesque place. Surrounded by wonderful nature . it is an ideal picnic spot.


Velapur very close to solapur has Hemad Panthi mandir, which is very Beautiful.

Kudal Sangam

Kudal Sangam is one the banks of river Bhima and Sina One of the best locations near solapur. Kudal Sangam has Oldest Hemad Panthi mandir. The Lingam at Kudal is unique and is not found any ever. Basveshwara Lived in Kudal Sangam


The worlds Eighth wonder is at Vijapur. The Golgumaj is located at Vijapur. With many forts the town is truly historic. Vijapur is just 100 Kms from solapur.


Naldurg fort is famous . Located 45 Kms from solapur. The waterfall Nar and Madhi are Tourists pleasure.

With some many places nearby , Solapur. We can defiantly make concrete efforts To create these places in world class tourists centers

Solapur 4 U

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