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A small village in South Sholapur taluka situated at the confluence of the rivers Sina and Bhima, Kudal is also known as Kudal Sangam and has, according to the Census of 1971, a total population of 348 souls. It has a primary school. Rivers Sina and Bhima form the main source of water-supply. The Sholapur Zilla Parishad has recently constructed a rest-house at Kudal with a view to attracting tourists to the Hemadpanti temple of Sangameshwar which is the only object of interest in the village. Besides the temple, the village has religious importance situated as it is at the confluence (sangam) of the Bhima and the Sina.

Both the temples at Kudal are considered to be fine specimens of Hemadpanti architecture and hence an attraction for the religious-minded devotees. One of the temples is said to have been constructed during the reign of Chalukyas while the other is said to have been constructed about five hundred years later. The area round about the temple has also become a picnic spot. An annual fair is held in honour of the god Sangameshwar in Pausha (December-January). About two thousand people assemble at the time of the fair. Many people visit the temple on Amavasya (no-moon) day of every month.





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