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Siddheshwar Temple :One of the main attractions here is the historical Siddheshwar Temple situated in the midst of a lake. One of the popular religious destinations of Solapur is the ancient Siddeshwar Temple.

The temple was built by a yogi, Shri Siddharameshwar, a devotee of Sri Mallikarjuna of Srisailam. Enroute to Srisailam, he was ordered by his guru to return to Solapur and consecrate several Shiva lingams. He duly returned to Solapur and began his work, starting with this temple. Siddharama was a great contributor to the Lingayata religion and he is considered as one of the six prophets of Lingayat religion. It is believed that the inhabitants of this city became prosperous since the birth of the saint. It is also said that the deity is capable of bestowing blessings on the devotees.

Situated in the middle of the lake, the temple presents a very picturesque sight with its beautiful garden and coconut trees against the backdrop of the Solapur fort that looms behind it. The Siddheshwar Lake occupies an area of five acres and is about 20 feet deep. A narrow path circles the temple. Ghats or Flights of steps have been constructed to make the approach to the waters of the lake easier.

A series of three gates are provided in the cloister for reaching the inner courtyard from the road. At the centre of the courtyard is the samadhi or final resting place of the Seer. Another part of the courtyard leads to a well-planned garden. In the centre of the garden you will find a shrine dedicated to saint Nalavatvad. The temple also has shrines dedicated to other gods such as God Vithoba and Goddess Rukhmini. A silver plated image of Nandi, the sacred bull stands in the ante-chamber. The back wall of the ante-chamber leads into a stone walled shrine that is lined with sheets of silver with beautiful engravings on it. In the centre of the back wall is the niche where the saint used to meditate.

The ancient shrine was built 700 years back by the Habbus who were disciples of Saint Siddeshwar. One of the greatest attractions here is the popular annual fair that takes place in January. Thousands of people attend the fair, colourfully attired in traditional costumes. Excitement rents the air as local artisans, craftsmen and traders line the road, peddling their wares. When you visit the temple, be sure to take your camera along to capture the beauty of its picturesque surroundings.


Bhuikot Fort :One of the chief attractions around Solapur is the Bhuikot Fort. Spend a relaxing day with your family or friends at this picturesque locale with its quaint Moat. Another point of interest is the Animal Park which houses deer, rabbits, pigeons, monkeys, ducks and peacocks. There are some amusement facilities for children here too.

Solapur is known for its many Jain temples namely Mallikarjuna Temple, Parasnath Temple and the Adinath Temple, all named after the Jain Tirthankaras.

Another temple worth visiting is the Revansiddeshwar temple, which also has a small bird sanctuary nearby.

Tourists also visit the Samadhi of Swami Samarth Maharaja of Akkalkot who is one of the most respected spiritual leaders of the region.

At a distance of 72 kms, lies Phandharpur the city of Pandhavi Vithoba that is an important pilgrimage center for the whole of India. It has one of the biggest festival and fairs in the state on Ashadhi and Kartiki Ekadasi.

Other activities:

A visit to the Motibaug tank or Kambar Talao which sees thousands of migratory birds in the winter season will certainly excite birdwatchers. One can also go for picnics to the waterfalls at Nar and Madhi, located 45 Kms from Solapur.

Solapur is located at a distance of 456 km from Mumbai in Maharashtra on the banks of River Sina. It lies on the South eastern border adjoining the state of Karnataka. This place is famous as a Centre for Jains. Solapur is known for its historical, religious, industrial and commercial importance. There were many freedom fighters from this town and it also has a millennium old history from the time it was called Sonnlagi.



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