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Religion and Education are the two important factors of culture. Solapur city is fertile for religious activities. Many temples are the witness for it. ‘Shri Siddheshwar Mandir’, ‘Chowpad Vitthal Mandir’, ‘Rupabhavani Mata Mandir’ are the most famous temples in the city.

‘Shri Siddheshwar Mandir’ is the prime deity of this city. This beautiful temple is situated between the lake. There is a perennial fair arranged in the favour of ‘Shri Siddheshwar Mandir’.
Every year 13th to 15th Jan. this fair is conducted. Lakhs of people visit this fair which an epitome of pilgrimage. The fair different recreational activities going on for a month. There is also grand fire work during the yatra. There is unique celebration of representative marriage ceremony of the nandikol.

Navaratri is too conducted with great enthusiasm. In order to witness this great fair no. of people visit this people. Most ancient ‘Rupabhavani Mata Mandir’ is the heart of the celebration at the time of Navaratri. This temple is located at the Northern side of Solapur. Despite of this, 100 years old ‘Himgulambika Devi’ temple was constructed at the time of 1991. Solapur has got about 700 Navaratra Mandals. Also there are many temples of Jain religion. This suggests that Solapur has got a rich cultural life.

Ganapati Festival is carried our with great pomp and gaiety. Aojba ganpati is 100 old ganpati
Even before Tilakji started the ganesh festival , it is said that Tilakji got inspired by the Ajoba Ganpati celebrations from solapur & later ganehs festival now is national festival .

Spic Macay is working in solapur for more than 18 years with 40 programmes of international national repute this organisatons has conducted programs of pt Shivkumar Sharma, Pt Rajan Sajan misra , Sonal mansingh, mallvika sarrukai, Pt birju maharaj.

There are lots of musical groups like Shivranjani, Girish Panchawadkar groups who constantly do program in light musical.

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