Solpaur 4 U



The Gan Kokila Lata mangeshkar sung here first public song in solapur. Balgandharva
used to be frequent visitor to solapur for his sangeet nataks with famous natyasangeets.

Solapur is famous place of music lots of artists from solapur are shining on the music world
G.B. sarder the sangeet shiromani who is nowsetlled in goa is from solapur.

There are few music schools and the music culture is mostly kansen.
Shri Digambarbua Kulkarni started the vynakatesh music school in solapur which teaches all kinds of classical shri Purshottam kulkarni alias balasaheb kulkarni teaches music along with his nephews.

Appa Bormanikar the harmonist whom maharashtra recognises is from solapur.

Ghairwaqr sir runs his music aademy,
Shrimati Valsangakar has done here Phd in music.

Solapur 4 U
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