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Solapur is on the boundary of Karnataka and Andhra pradesh , pepole from both areas have migrated to solapur so there is a very interesting cross culture in solapur.
Entertainment ideas are different for these different communities. the purva bhag or eastern part of the people are avid cinema fan. mostly on wedenesday when it is a industrial holiday people flock at the cinema theaters

The middle part of city people chose gardens.the gardens even are not maintained propely
are heavily populated. There are around 15 gardens in Solapur but the KILLA GARDEN is the best garden.

The people from the North side choose the Revansiddheshwar Garden and the zoo in solapur is also now in better shape. Now KING KOBRA is kept which an attraction for prople.

Children like to play in the gardens. For entertainment children choose garden. Youth select movies & parties in the hotels.

Solapur 's Hutatma smruti mandir is a now a famous drama theatre where most of te cultural programs are done here. now days lots of lavni programs happen at hutatma smruti mandir.

There is only on resort cum water park at solapur called nakoda

Solapur 4 U
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